Friday, February 09, 2007

iCertified. Numi Organic Tea

If you are a chai person, you should definitely give the iCertified Numi organic tea a try. In case you are wondering what iCertified is... head over here

I wouldn't recommend this as your wake up cup. This is more of a mid morning, trying to catch up on your office email kind of tea. No milk, no sugar just straight up.

Here is a little snippet from the Numi website.

Throughout India, chai stalls are a meeting place for provocative tea and conversation. From its homeland in China, cha has journeyed as chai, thé, and tea, recreating itself in every land. Numi's golden brewed, organic Chai fuses rich cultures in a complex and hearty Assam black tea. Indian cinnamon and mild green cardamom evoke a warm balance with the vitality of Chinese ginger. The peaked, sweet aroma of Turkish anise exhilarates memories. Reminisce in aged tradition with an inspiring cup of Golden Chai.

And now the story behind the company. Numi was started in 1999 by brother and sister Ahmed and Reem. The tea is organic and fair trade certified. The teabags are made with natural fiber and not with Nylon or other synthetic atrocities. The packaging contains upto 85% post consumer recycled content. They take that extra effort to green their operations where ever possible.

The tea tastes great and the company that makes them sound great. Hence my photograph and my little pitch :)

Disclaimer / Disclosure
I am NOT getting paid by any one to say all this. I am only vouching for the organic spiced Assam black tea version. It is not my intention to encourage rabid consumerism. I cannot be held liable/responsible for anything good, bad or otherwise that might happen by your purchase of this product.


Mallugirl said...

NIce way of promoting and educating about the organic options.. icertified.:) Keep up the good work. Every small bit helps. I buy organic milk and meat!

Riot said...

Glad you liked it! I try and buy as much as organic as possible.