Monday, January 29, 2007

iCertified: Kettle Chips

Organic Kettle Chips
I thought I would use my rudimentary photography skills and my rudimentary blogging skills to market certain organic products that I think are genuinely good and have a great sustainability story behind them.

At the risk of sounding cheesy and possibly sued by Apple(or Cisco), I am going to call these posts "iCertified". I Certified ...get it ? :)

First in this series is sea salt & pepper seasoned, organic Kettle chips.More after the fold.

I have to say these particular organic chips are my favorite. At times, I just can't stop eating them. Mind you, these chips do come with a good helping of calories (150 calories per serving). But they have 0 trans fat and 0 cholesterol and are tasty as hell!

The makers of these chips, Oregon based Kettle Foods have a great story too. They operate their fleet vehicles on bio-diesel made from their own cooking oils. Solar arrays mounted over their factory rooftops provide for a portion of their electricity. They have partnered with Renewable Choice Energy to buy wind energy credits to offset the rest of their electricity consumption. (via

The chips taste great and the company that makes them sound great. Hence my photograph and my little pitch :)

Disclaimer / Disclosure
I am NOT getting paid by any one to say all this. I am only vouching for the sea salt & pepper seasoned organic version. It is not my intention to encourage rabid consumerism. I cannot be held liable/responsible for anything good, bad or otherwise that might happen by your purchase of this product.


Jennifer said...

I like it!

Shweta said...
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Shweta said...

Nice pick... I'm not a huge chip fan, but I've tried the sea salt & pepper, & spicy thai(I prefer) from Kettle.
Like the lighting in the pic... helps the peppercorns stand out eh? and also noticed the trans-fat disclaimer in the back... poor thing has a rap sheet 10 miles long.
It'll be interesting to see who else makes the cut into your forthcoming entries :-) Head on!

Riot said...


I am not a huge chip fan either. But this particular one I like very much :)

Gini said...

ilike your icertified post. Did you really do that photograph yourself? It's just amazing. Now I know who to call when I launch a product:)