Thursday, May 26, 2005

Corporate Responsibility

Alan Murray of the Wall Street Journal wrote a dumb piece, criticizing Corporate Social Responsibility. His diatribe was aimed at GE for releasing a first ever Citizenship Report. GE in this report talks about self imposed restrictions to combat Global Warming.

Bob Rosner in his blog the Working Wounded Blog, rebuts Mr Murray. The rebuttal is quick, sharp and clean. Kudos Bob !!

Here is my 2 cents


Your piece titled "Earnings Vs Environment" was an inspiration. Alan Murray and many like him can bury their heads in the sand and keep denying the obvious. If we cannot wake up to the stark facts of Global Warming, we are doing a great disservice to our future generations. In an age of blind consumerism and mindless capitalism, it is refreshing to see companies like GE taking Corporate Responsibility. I would take a step further and say this ..."If we as share holders, refuse to invest in socially irresponsible corporations, we are sure to see many more of these citizenship reports"

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