Monday, May 23, 2005

Mama & Papa goose

Today was an exceptionally ordinary day. Except for one thing.....

I was waiting my turn to merge into the morning commute traffic. The cross traffic is mostly constant at about 55 - 60 mph. A slight mistake on your part and you are sure to hear the honk of an agitated commuter.

Waiting on the opposite side of the road was a mama goose, a papa goose and between them six cute little chicks. Single line formation.

The mama goose leads the way. Carefully waiting for the traffic to die down. A glance to the left and to the right :) No vehicle within 5 feet. She begins the cross over.

I couldn't help but watch with bated breath. Papa goose glances left and to the right. No vehicle within 3 feet. Hurry up !!. Incoming SUV swerves to the other lane. The driver doesn't bother to stop.

One lane down. Three to go.

Mama goose is a little anxious at this point. She picks up her speed. The chicks too walk faster. Three cars weave to the other lane, no slowing down; certainly no stopping

The family reach the temporary safety of a road divider. Two down. Two to go

Mama goose looks to the left and to the right. Off she goes again. This time around, cars slow down. The family make it to their destination. The destination being a man made pool in the heart of suburbia.

If only I had my camera. If only !

I wish the family a good day and merge into the suburban commute.


One More Reason said...
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Cortez Carthen said...

It''s quite impressive.