Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Solar Auto Rickshaw

Sheel finds this interesting solar auto rickshaw during his trip to Bangalore.
I couldn’t find the driver so I don’t know full details - but there are solar cells all over the thing. I’d find it hard to believe that it runs entirely on solar power… my guess is that you plug it into the wall at night and the solar power just helps to recharge. Very cool nonetheless… I wonder if it makes fiscal sense to unleash these all over the country… It’d be an awesome thing from a pollution standpoint, as I think rickshaws are a pretty big contributor to pollution in cities in India.
[via Sheel Mohnot]

I have never heard of a solar rickshaw before. A bit of googling revealed this and this.

Anyone heard/seen one of these before ?


Alex said...


Yes, from the environmental point of view, this is certainly good. I have never come across these. But, the owners have to be made aware of the existing deficiencies of the present auto rickshaws.

Anonymous said...

dude, gotcha!!! nice looking blog. not able to go thru it now but will do so asap

hotshot19 said...

hey the earlier comment was from me ;-0 Appa is here, says hi

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I've seen those before, saw a great documentary a couple of months ago. They said there that it was fully going on the solar cells. Not fast, but still.