Friday, January 26, 2007

Hariyali Express. Green Advertising

It has been a long time since the last Hariyali Express. This edition of the express is inspired by the NY Times article, "Looking Green Is Looking Good"
It was probably inevitable that some enterprising advertising agency would figure that there is equally good money to be made from specializing in ads that promote greenness.And, in fact, agencies with a green specialty are sprouting like alfalfa

I have to say green advertising has come a long way. It is not about granola bars anymore. Serious, strong, provocative, slick and sometimes funny. Let us take a look shall we ?

Organization: Environmental Defense. Ad Agency: Ad Council

While Ad Council remains the green ad power house, there is not dearth of creativity and passion. Plenty more after the fold

Organization: NRDC

Robert Redford and NRDC

Earth Justice. Ad Agency: Big Think Studios

Nothing like humor to drive home the point. Anti-SUV ad from Greenpeace

Organization: Ad Agency: Green Team USA

About half of the oxygen we breathe comes from our oceans. Breathe from

Protecting our rainforests. Greenpeace

Of course then there is the campaign

Fascinating! Let those green creative ideas keep flowing.

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Shweta said...

Nice!! Thanks for bringing those smaples under one roof (so to speak)...
I think any means to get through to the obtuse, irresponsbile or plain indifferent public should be employed.....
heard about the eco friendly bra-cum-shopping bag by Triumph International? check it out.