Sunday, January 14, 2007

Before you buy that iPhone

If the recent blog buzz is any indication, Apple's iPhone looks all set to be a success. Although people have expressed disappointment at the lack of 3G support, the iPhone will most likely fly off the shelf in June. I may even bid adieu to my dinoursarly old phone of 6 years.

Even if just 1 percent of the US market were to shift to the new iPhone, close to 2 million cell phones will get discarded. It needs no mention that these gadgets have some nasty stuff like Mercury & Lead in them.

Forgive me while I preach a little :)

Folks, don't just throw your old phones away. Turn them in for some cash and let it get recycled. RIPMobile will take your old phones and might even pay you. A Motorola RAZR might get you $30. They will pay for shipping as long as your old phone works. Newer models might get resold while the older ones are recycled as per EPA regulations. The Gold in these phones are recycled which reduces the need for destructive mining. Terrapass has partnered with RIPMobile. The cash from selling your old phone can be used to buy carbon credits from Terrapass.

End of preaching. Now on to some things I would like Apple to incorporate into the iPhone.
1) How about Cradle to Cradle certification ?
Everytime you release a better version, and I know you will, I can give it back to you for an upgrade. Material reuse for you. Cooler phone and less guilt for me. Happy campers we all.

2) How about integrated battery charging ?

Modelabs design uses body movements to charge phone. A sleek yoyo of sorts. via via

Or a device integrated solar charger as designed by the Fraunhofer Institute: via

Mr Jobs, Hope you are listening!


blue dot green said...
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blue dot green said...

Ha!ha!Cradle to cradle certification... thats an interesting suggestion! worth looking into and I totally agree about the cellphone recycling! Another suggestion would be to follow a model of my my Working Assets, where a portion of the intial cost of the phone(apple) or a portion of the phone bill charge would go towards progressive organisations working for peace, childrens education, environment etc.

Jay said...

The problem is with the formfactor. If any of the features you mentioned are added, iPhone will no longer be a sexy sleek phone!

Riot said...


You are right. If those features are implemented as shown in the picture, it would look awkward.

My intention was to point in the general direction of device integrated (and sleek) power supplies

Jennifer said...

Good information about phone recycling. My daughter's school collects old phones to be recycled. More people need to be informed that this option is out there.