Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rang De

Rang De Basanti turned out to be a good movie going experience. It has been a long time since an Indian movie has hit regular theatres here. While I don't agree with the violence theory of the movie, I am happy to see mainstream Indian cinema moving away from the tiring sing, dance and runaround trees routine.

For about 3-4 hours, it felt like home.... The latecomers, the prolonged settling down, the different languages, the cellphoners, all the kids running around, the Uncles and Aunties, the food passing around, the jokes, the long line at the restroom after the movie, the insta movie reviews while at the restroom. All in all it was vintage Indian movie going. Loved it!

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Mind Curry said...

absolutely..rdb is one classy movie..about the violence, i think the guys make it clear in the end that it is not a path to follow..but we should all get into the system and then try to change it.