Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Vermont. Green mountain state

I swung by Vermont and New Hampshire last week. First stop was Vermont. True to its license plate, Vermont is indeed a green mountain state. Everywhere you go and everywhere you look, you will find mountains and mountains lush with greenery. I was like a kid in a candy store :)

Green Mountain State

For the most part, I stayed off the beaten path. One could go hours together not seeing a single soul. No traffic lights and definitely no Walmarts, Costcos and other eye sores. Every now and then one passes by an idyllic farm. The cows and the sheep would raise their heads curious to know who was passing by. They, like me, seemed to be enjoying the weather. The weather was a soothing cool. The morning mist would linger around making the mountains look even more majestic. Fall, just around the corner. The trees just waiting to burst into colors.

Early Fall

I have a few more pictures here . The highlight of the trip was a visit to the million dollar green toilet. All that and much more in my next post.


Arun R said...

This place looks like Heaven....
Would love to have taken ur place!!!!

The mist, the lakes.... looks really attractive...

Chris said...

Beautiful photographs. I love the color green.

One More Reason said...

Yes, the place is indeed very beautiful

Chris, Thanks

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous photos! My sister used to live on a secluded mountain in VT. I remember driving up there to visit her, and it was breathtaking.