Monday, September 26, 2005

A bat is a bat even if it is not flat

I have always enjoyed watching cricket. Never baseball. I just don't know why!!! Well, last week, I happened to get free tickets to a Chicago cubs game. Even better, the tickets came with free food. The very thought of free food and the chance to shoot, made me jump and grab the tickets. And off I went.

Took the train, took the bus, walked a little, took the train again, walked some more till I finally reached the stadium. I have become a public transportation junkie these days, trying to unshackle myself from my car and my suburban mindset. The great thing about trains and buses is the opportunity to read, to reflect and to see amusing things. A guy wearing a pink thong would definitely constitute as amusing. Don't you think ?

The game turned out to be a little boring (my humble apologies to all those crazy cubs fans). I spent almost all my time at the game, shooting. At the same time furiously trying to remember the things that were taught in the photography class. All in all, a fun day!


deepak said...

I tried VTA when I was in the Silicon Valley area, and it was fairly good. I especially enjoyed the light rail. It's unfortunate that the public transport buses and trains ran mostly empty, even as 101 was clogged with traffic during peak hours.

Jennifer said...

That's funny - baseball is the only sport I can understand and follow! And to see a Cubs game at home, WOW! That would be very cool.

One More Reason said...

I find that some of the trains and buses run empty here also. I believe the government is planning on cutting the funding for public transport. The latest transportation bill is mostly about highways and cars. :(

Watching the cubs at home was very interesting. I liked the Wrigley field experience.

Flip said...

I liked this post - and your comments about public transportation. I live in the DC area on the Virginia side and drive everywhere. WHen I used to work downtown in DC, I used the Metro everyday - and you certainly do get to read, think and YES see amusing things. I miss the Metro.

Sorry the game was boring - I think Baseball is more fun to play than to watch. Can't beat free food though!

silverine said...

Pink thongs, how gross LOL :))

What you say about public transportation is so true. It's happening in Bangalore too as people discover that it is better to inside a BMTC bus than outside. Plus if you get a seat, you can actually catch up on your reading!

One More Reason said...


It is true. Life in the suburbs is almost impossible without a car. I have thought about getting a bike (pedal kind). The roads are not exactly safe for the bikers. The traffic is gets a little scarry at times.

Yes, getting a seat is the most difficult part :)