Wednesday, October 12, 2005

South Asia Earthquake

So many dead. Every news site seems to be having a different death count. Tragic

In the aftermath of Katrina and the Tsunami, companies worldwide announced matching employee donation efforts. I am yet to see a similar response for the earthquake. I hope it happens.

These are a few of the relief agencies I found actively involved in the relief efforts.

The Indian Red Cross site seems to be having technical difficulties. They do not have an online donation program yet

Volunteers with UNICEF are on the ground providing relief. They do accept online donations.


silverine said...

Thanks for the links.

Arun R said...

Regarding the corporate donations, as far as I know Infy has donated 2 Crores.

The Indian Govt is helping Pak big time. Loads of materials being flown there, but the issue is that the worst hit areas are still inaccessable.

Jennifer said...

I can't even bear to watch the news coverage, it's so awful. Thanks for the links, OMR. You've been tagged by the way.

Thomas said...

awesome blog... check mine out, I have redone a lot.

Arun R said...

Correcting the figures in my previous post.....

I had not checked the newspaper before I left for office on Friday. In the evening I read that Corporate India had donated 25 Crores towards the relief of the people.

Donations from leading dailies and NGO's are yet to come. They will start pouring in a few days.

One More Reason said...

Arun, Thanks for providing that info. It is good to hear about any and all help being done.

Jennifer, Interesting tag !. I am actually running behind schedule on responding to a few other tags :)

btw ...have you seen the 55 word tag that is going around ?

Thomas, Thanks.