Saturday, October 08, 2005

New Hampshire. Live free or die

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear New Hampshire, is probably presidential primaries and elections. Right ?

Hart's Location with a population of just 37 along with Dixiville Notch are two counties that are among the first to vote and declare their results. And the media is all over it.

The tradition of midnight voting dates all the way back to 1948. Here is an interesting fact. Since 1996, the candidate who won the 37 votes of Hart's Location, went on to win the elections.

Having said all that, politics will be the last thing I will associate with New Hampshire. From now on, I will always think of the Green Mountain Ranges of New Hampshire, the water falls, the rivers, the farms, the lakes, the apples, the apple orchards and the friendly people.

Time just flew by and soon it was the last day. Like all trips, this one too had to end. On the way back, I stopped at a road sign that said fresh apples and cold apple cider. After a long day hike to Arethusa falls, the very mention of fresh apple cider made me giddy with thirst. Needless to say, the cider tasted yum.

The lady selling the cider asked me about my trip. I told her that I enjoyed every moment of it. I did wish, I arrived two weeks later. In time for the fall riot of colors.

Having gulped all the cider I could, I said my thank yous and good byes. I finally said, "You folks are so lucky to be living in such a beautiful place".

She smiled.



Jennifer said...

I did not know any of that. Thanks for the way cool information. And the photos! Yeah, I love NH, too.

Palko said...