Tuesday, April 12, 2005


It is official. I have converted to iPodism. I am now a proud owner of a shuffle. Miraculously small. Both in size and price. I do wish it had a display screen to control the playlist. Then again, you can pack 120 of your favorite songs and let shuffle randomize things for you.

Work isn't the usual anymore. I don't have to struggle to ignore the country music over the PA system. I don't have to listen to a certain Florida trip repeated over and over again. I don't have to listen to people ordering crab rangoons for lunch. It is just me jammin to my tunes. So here is what my latest iMix looks like

1) Lajjavathiye - Jassie Gift - Malayalam
2) Vaadi Vaadi - Soundtrack Sachien - Tamil
3) Aika Dajiba - Vaishali Samant - Marathi
4) Bulla Ki Jana - Rabbi Shergil - Punjabi
5) Fanaa - Soundtrack Yuva - Hindi
6) Come on Closer - Jem - English
7) Somebody Told Me - The Killers - English
8) Cold - Crossfade - English
& of course the must have .... 9) Sugar by Trick Daddy !

With a shuffle in my hand nothing looks daunting anymore. Not even a NullPointerException !

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