Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Yes we should have ?

Greenpeace ad campaigns are always provocative. This one is no different.

If the current health care reform legislation is any indication, climate change legislation and ratification of any international treaty looks even more difficult to pass in the US.

Watching the health care debate and politics made me look back at the Bush years. The Bush white house got whatever it wanted. They had absolute power. Anyone opposing their agenda was quickly branded Un-American.

With the Obama white house, the power appears to have shifted all the way to the Senate. A handful of so called conservative Democrats now control the agenda. It is now very American to oppose what the large majority want!

Hope is the only thing that keeps the treehugger in me alive. So here is to hoping Copenhagen brings about an ambitious legally binding deal to save the climate. And Obama playing a key part in making it happen. Sign the petition if you can.

PS: If the news media has you convinced that the recent email hack uncovered a big scientific cover up, please head over to Real Climate for a sane rebuttal.


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