Sunday, February 17, 2008

A hairy proposition

I couldn't help but smile when I heard this piece of news. Human hair it turns out can be a natural fertilizer and pest control !!! A company by the name of Smart Grow is behind all the buzz or should I say frizz :)

Apparently human hair has other noble uses like cleaning up after an oil spill. Here is another interesting fact, China & India both have a thriving human hair export business.

Image Credit : Smart Grow


Anonymous said...


Very interesting.

I wonder whether our Indian companies/entrepreneurs/government get to know of such developments.

Aside:do you have plans to start up such businesses?

Riot said...

I am not sure if others know about this. It would be great if there are such interesting startups. I would love to start something my own one day :)

Anonymous said...



[Im glad]