Sunday, April 01, 2007

Laurie Baker passes away

Laurie Baker passes away
Laurie Baker passed away today.

A great architect, a great man, a very tall man, a Gandhian and above all a great Indian. May his soul rest in peace and may we all someday live in houses inspired by his principles.

PS: Indian Writing has an excellent post here


Unknown said...

I invite you to look at the post 'Laurie Baker - A Tribute' in my Parayil A. Tharakan Blog.
Thank you,
Abraham Tharakan.

Riot said...

Abraham Tharakan,

A beautiful tribute. You are indeed lucky to have known and worked with the master architect

Kiran said...


Do you know if he leaves behind some sort of an organization or association that will continue to champion his vision for low-cost housing among others?

Riot said...


COSTFORD is probably the best bet. He worked closely with them on several projects. (He also worked with HUDA) The COSTFORD campus is designed by Laurie Baker. Next time I am in town ,will try and visit.

Riot said...


Came across this also

Anil P said...

He was remarkable, no doubt. I always had a feeling that he brought earthiness to his solutions in a way that few could.

Anonymous said...

I just posted this on another blog but I will post here again coz I believe Baker's message is very relevant and must be spread in a country like India..

It is people like Bakerji who are the real heroes of our country not our spoilt cricketstars and filmstars. It is shameful that even the media does not acknowledges the work of people like Bakerji and instead
focuses on meaningless gossips and sensationalsim.

His work has always inspired me but after reading more about his values and principles on life and his concern for the people I have a new found respect and appreciation of his work.

Here is one who did and not just talked a lot of gas like our political leaders and bureaucrats!

Some sites for those interested in more info on Bakerji:
Bakerji's website (according to Wikipedia)

Has a ton of information on Bakerji. A must visit resource for anyone interested in the legendary architect.

A nice article:

Another good one I havent seen before:


Anonymous said...


what is HUDA ? Do you mean HUDCO ?


I think it is


( Does the www. make a difference.. I never am sure)

Riot said...


Thank you for the information. is quite impressive.

Anonymous said...

extremely fascinating book:

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