Sunday, April 22, 2007

Green Festival On Earth Day

Green Festival
The Green Festival here in Chicago was the place to be this Earth Day. It was teeming with energy. People hungry for information. People eager to provide information. It was a beehive of activity and good things. From eco cosmetics to eco careers, from sustainable love to sustainable housing, from organic milk to organic punk rock pastry, from counter tops to counter myspace, this green festival had a range like I have never seen before. Speakers talking about SRI funds and speakers talking about non violent and non confrontational tree sit-ins. Television crews wanting to interview you and professors wanting to know if you would be interested in a degree in sustainability. There were over 300 exhibits. Everywhere I went, I found something new, interesting, intriguing and fun. Most importantly, I got the sense that the green movement is becoming more and more mainstream.

I was happily running around collecting information, exchanging business cards, taking pictures and repeatedly eating clif bar samples. As I was doing all that I noticed this father and son. They were engrossed in a conversation about living green. Now only if all fathers had that conversation!

I have a few more pictures from the festival here. Happy Earth Day everyone!


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I'm always excited to attend green fairs. Great blog!