Saturday, March 03, 2007

Al Gore Psuedo Scandal: A Rebuttal

By now, Gore bashing sound bites must have travelled far and wide, thanks to cable. If you are wondering if it is all true, David Roberts of GristMill has a brilliant rebuttal. A must must read
The Tennessee Tax Dept. does not consider the "Tennessee Center for Policy Research," which roughly no one had heard of before this, a legitimate group. It's run by a long-time right-wing attack hack, and its only registered address is a P.O. box. Why is everyone in the media taking what it says about Gore's electricity use at face value?

Gore's electricity company has no record of being contacted about his bills.

The "average" home electricity use quoted by TCPR is a national average that includes apartments and mobile homes. In Gore's climatic zone, the East South Central (Dept. of Energy PDF), the average is much higher, thanks to hot, humid summers and cold winters. Within that zone, Gore's usage is three (not 20) times average, and his per-square-foot usage is squarely average.

The Gores are not an average family. He's an ex-VP with special security arrangements, and has live-in security staff. He and his wife both work on their many business and charitable undertakings out of their house, so they have space for offices and office staff. All that would be tough to cram in an average size house.

Gore buys the maximum allowable green electricity from the program offered by his utility.
Most of the electricity in TN comes from hydro and nuclear, and so doesn't generate all that much CO2 anyway

I use a similar program to buy green power from my utility. The power is sourced from local wind farms.

On his part, Al Gore could have done a little solar roofing. But the fact remains, Al Gore has done a tremendous job in increasing global warming awareness. Right wing nut cases know that painfully well. Al Gore is making great progress and people are listening. Like Patrix puts it, swift boating is not going to work this time around.

I am pretty sure the right wing nuts will have nothing to say about the deliberately delayed US Climate Action Report (which probably should be called a US Climate No-Action report)


Anand said...

We all know it is easy to look at the negative and fingerpoint than to take positive action.

But how hard is it to see, what the guy is saying is logical and urgent and try and do what we can without worrying if he is practicing what he preaches?

Like Gandhiji said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." May be the problem is; 'A green world' is not the 'change' most people care for yet :(

Anand said...

On a completely different note:

Just a couple of posts ago, I joked that you have a lot of time on your hands. Looks like you have become a busy boy. I know how tough it can get to work full time and do a masters degree on the side! I hope you find enough time to pursue your hobbies, despite the fact that the chosen subject itself is your passion.

I got a chance to read all your posts starting from your 'pizza craving'. Funny, I had something similar for cookies. Long gone :)

And about the H2CO3 thing, you did post something very similar long ago about passing CO2 exhaust through treated H2O to get CaCO3. Hopefully some solution comes up soon.

Public transportation eh? My God, you really are 'Green'. Just this morning I thought "To damn with resolutions. I am taking my car tomorrow" as I was walking to the train station, freezing my nose and cheeks in the process. As you already know, I am a known hypocrite :)

Once again, I wish you all the versy best with your MBA. Do tell us how the first class went. Was it anything like your first Photography class?

Hugs to the Tree Hugger.

Riot said...

What can I say, I am speechless. My very humble thanks for taking the time and the effort to read all my posts.

Now that you mentioned, I too went and read my first post and could almost recollect all that was going through my head that day :)

My first class at B school was very different from photography class. I realized (much to my delight) that blogging has actually helped me be more informed. In fact I was aware of several issues and concepts that came up in class.

Blogging and reading other blogs(contrary to popular belief) can be very very good!!!!!!

Anand said...

Hey, don't get all choked up. Just needed to keep me occupied while my father was complaining in the background.

Hehe. Just kidding. It was my pleasure.