Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back To School

The Bean
Back to school I go. I am now a student at IIT Stuart School of Business with every intention of arming myself with a MBA in Environment & Enterprise Sustainability.

This is the only business school around here that has a strong environment focus. The school is located in downtown Chicago, which is perfect. Chicago is an environment conscious city. The Mayor's office promotes and supports many green initiatives. Green roofing is big here. I believe Stuart has in the past worked with the Mayor's office on green projects.

I now have an excuse to head over to this very vibrant city every week. In the hope that I can change businesses, make them a little greener and make the world a little better. Wish me luck!


alex said...

Good Luck!

You are doing a lot! :)

Gini said...

I am so happy for you! Good luck!
Hope you achieve your dreams to make the world a greener place.
Enjoy school. It will be fun!

Anand said...

Wish you all the very best.

Riot said...

Thank you. I will be heading to your site for all economics related reference.

Thank you. I really am looking forward to school.

Thank you. Hope your vacation is going great

Alex said...



Sunil said...

good luck to you......and perhaps you can post some of your experiences from courses related to sustainability etc...

nish said...

All the best :-)

Alex said...


These links might interest you.

Riot said...

Thanks. I will definitely try.

Nish, Thanks.

Alex, Thanks for the links. The eRecycle website was very useful.

Alex said...


Thanks a ton for the link. Depressing though. The post has been updated. In fact i was looking out for such researched relationships.

Shweta said...

You go Riot!!! Hope the course turns out to be beneficial in forwarding your goals of a green tomorrow :-)

Riot said...

Thanks. I hope so too :)