Friday, January 05, 2007

Water Water Water

The 2006 UN Human Development Report (HDR) , documents some really disturbing trends when it comes to water. This chart in particular.

India's military spending is several times higher compared to spending on water and sanitation. I can understand the need for security, but what is life without water ?

Read the entire report here

It goes without saying that the Indian government needs to set its priorities straight. Set up clear guidelines and regulations on civil and industrial water usage.

It is refreshing however to see that the private sector better understands the extent and urgency of the crisis. Dow Chemicals has created a $350 million water solutions business unit. GE Water is not far behind. Then there are several startups exploring the use of Nanotechnology & Solar Energy to provide cost effective desalination solutions. Check out NanoH2O , Seawater Greenhouse & Suncone (to name a few).

Here is a thought......What if cash rich companies like Coca Cola India, Pepsi India & others spent their money adopting these new technologies instead of bashing CSE ? What if they were to become leaders in water conservation and desalination? What if the Indian government adopted these technologies in its thermal power plants (the most water intensive industry).

Many ifs . A win win for all


Alex M Thomas said...

You have raised a valid concern here. In fact if the general populace along with the private companies took an initiative to curb environmental pollution, a lot could be achieved.

clash said...

Buh... Coke spending millions to purify water? Buh... it can be a looney dream! Atleast, why dont they pay for the water that they are digging out? Look.. then it turns out to be an hostile environment for investments.. plunder all the resources for free and make profit!

Alex M Thomas said...

I didn't get this link yesterday which said there were hues and cries against the implementation of the green tax. Here it is.

One More Reason said...

Many thanks for the link.

It is not a looney dream. It is fast becoming an urgency and eco responsibility should become the standard way of doing business.

Indian government should have proper rules on water use in place. In the absence of which, companies take undue advantage of the vacuum. I think the fault is on both sides.

Coca Cola India on its website claims to have set up 200 rainwater harvesting sites in the last 2 years. It is atleast a good start. A long long way to go.

I am not aware of anything positive being done by Pepsico India.

Tata Steel claims to be actively working to improve water efficiency.

blue dot green said...

After the war for 'Oil', we will very soon see a war for 'Water'!

Anonymous said...

Pepsi and coke have double standards for India and US. The companies wash their hands off once the bottles leave their factories. Do you know what happens by the time it reaches the shelf of the shops. Hell. In one of the agents storage place in Chennai,there is nothing known like hygiene, there is no drinking water or sewage disposal in their place. During the last monsoon the crates were under sullage water for weeks. I would not serve pepsi or coke even to my enemies or even to a man sentenced to capital punishment. We see in tv commercials children drinking them. It took one signature by the Janata Govt to keep coke away from the country. One such signature is long over due in the interest of the citizens of India. They would not dare do this in US. They would have been poorer by billions of dollars. Here they have ways and means of getting away with this rotten attitude of theirs. They are rotten inside and outside.