Sunday, October 15, 2006

Eco Church Architecture & Living Churchyards

I have blogged about Joint Ecological Commission before. Last Saturday (Oct 14th 2006), the commission organized a seminar on Eco Church Architecture & Living Churchyards. Representatives from different churches attended. Speakers included Rev.Dr.Philipose Mar Chrysostom Marthoma Metropolitan and Shri. Kanippayur Krishanan Namboothiripad

It needs no mention that contemporary Kerala (my home state) is littered with concrete monstrosities. Especially Churches. Concrete is probably the most ill suited material for a hot and humid place like Kerala. Beautiful old structures are demolished to make way for modern comforts and its many discomforts. This seminar was about going back to roots in some ways. Leveraging our centuries old tradition & knowledge. Adapt all that to a fast changing modern society.

I would have loved to attend. If I get my hands on the video, I might try and YouTube it (or should I say GooTube it)

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