Tuesday, August 08, 2006

African World Festival. Milwaukee


Milwaukee has a festival almost every week. Last week it was the African World Festival. It was more of a contemporary African American festival with traditional African arts, crafts, dresses and food also present. I had a good time. A few more pictures from the festival are here.

PS: All my photographs are hosted on flickr. My apologies to readers not able to get to flickr.


chipmunk said...

Thanks huh Riot.. :/

SugaPlumFaery said...

HEY RIOT!! GUESS WHAT! flickr is no longer blocked over here! and my, what beautiful pictures u have up here!! yaaaay! i can see em all , finally!! :D:D I had filed a complaint to em tho , i think it just worked! :)

chipmunk said...

oops, i dint realize i was logged into my blogger account for that comment above :$

One More Reason said...

Thanks and welcome to the wonderful world of flickr. Glad you could get your ISP to unblock flickr