Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mission Impossible & Mission Possible

If you liked the very first episode of Alias, you will definitely like the latest installment of Mission Impossible

If you think Global Warming is real, but don't like all the gloom, you will definitely like this 4 minute movie. A movie with a happy ending. Check out Mission Possible
(via Joel Makower)


Kris said...

MI-1 was interesting, but rest of the series just dont make that impact.

About Global Warming, have you read the book "State of Fear" by Micheal Crichton, it has some interesting points on global warming(though i have to confess that am not clear at what point fact ends and fiction takes over in the book)

One More Reason said...

MI-III is signature JJ Abrams. If you watched the first season of Alias, you will find and like the similarities. MI-II was a drag, but 3 is much much better.

A few people have mentioned Micheal Crichton book to me. I refer everybody to this post by realclimate

Kris said...

Well, then guess i'll have to give MI-III a shot.

The realclimate read was interesting read, and as the post suggests, the book does give an impression that the global warming stuff is really overblown...

Jennifer said...

I heard MI-3 was the best one.

That video is really cool. It's neat that someone came up with that idea, filming 50 years into the future and looking back out our stupidity here in 2006.