Saturday, March 18, 2006

Beyond Grey Pinstripes

For the last couple of months, I have been thinking on and off about a career change. Leaning more towards an eco career. Possibly work on things like Cradle2Cradle zero footprint manufacturing and renewable energy. I seriously lack the technical or management skills to make that switch. So I went about researching my going back to school options.

Asked a few fellow bloggers. First on my list was Joel Makower. Joel's blog is one of my favorites. I find it a great read. It turns out there are many like me asking similar questions. So much so, that it prompted him to write about it. Green Technology: Where the jobs are

Joel was kind enough to also point me to this website,
It is a good resource for anyone looking at a green MBA. Thought I share it with everyone here.


Jennifer said...

So what are you wanting to do exactly?

Sunil said...

my question's the same as Jennifer...what do you want to do?

You actually can earn a living and feel good about it. There's sustainable technology you can research (if you are an electrical/chemical/mechanical etc engineer), do an mba and focus on sustainable companies for a job, go to law school, and work later on legal issues, there's public policy, there's basic what are you going to do? :-)

One More Reason said...

Jennifer / Sunil ,

That is a good question. I am still evaluating my options.