Monday, December 19, 2005

Kyoto on a personal level

When on vacation, I usually try and take public transportation where possible. On my last trip to Arizona, public transportation was just not available. I had to rent a car. I do regret the fact that I could have rented a hybrid and I didn't. I just didn't know that they were available in Arizona. Fox Rent A Car (no relation to Rupert Murdoch I hope) provides hybrids in certain parts of Arizona and California.

I have been harping quite a bit on Kyoto lately. What use is any of that if I myself don't maintain standards. So I went about trying to determine the carbon footprint of my trip. It turns out the air travel and the car rental together would have resulted in about 2240 pounds of CO2!!!

I hope to buy equivalent carbon credits from Women for Sustainable development or and wash away my CO2 sins.

Quote of the day
"Without the spice of guilt, sin cannot be fully savored"~Alexander Chase (via


Kris said...

well, over here in Japan, every ad for new cars from all the makers make it a point to insist that they are eco-friendly one way or the other...

One More Reason said...


Over in the US the ads are still mostly about how big and how powerful the car is. The same companies and yet different strategies and product lines. It goes to show how consumer awareness can shape corporate behavior.

Sue said...

Its rare to come across someone who tries to walk the talk..kudos!

One More Reason said...

Thanks sue