Sunday, November 20, 2005

Earth to America

It was a pleasant surprise to see some quality programming finally on American cable television. TBS Superstation (a Time Warner company) showed some guts (surprise) and broadcasted the comedy show Earth to America.

As the station puts it "Aiming to prove that laughter is the best medicine--even for what's ailing the planet. Celebrating the earth with the funniest people on it...a comedy event of global proportions!"

Funny minds like Larry David, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Will Ferrell and many more used their funny genius to draw attention to the grave topic of global warming.

Wish I had made a note of all that was said. Funny Funny Funny!. The funniest of them all was Will Ferrell as the President, "Global Warming has been there since Biblical times. Adam and Eve were naked. Weren't they ?"

Join the virtual march to stop global warming at

Correction: Jerry Seinfeld was not part of the show. It was Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Seinfeld who was present


silverine said...

Sounds like a great effort. If we dont tackle this problem by rallying public opinion, we are doomed as a race.

Andrew said...

Jerry Seinfeld wasn't on the show. Why did it seem like they were blaming one political party? IF there is a global problem it has been long in the making and the blame of no particular group of people.

Zen said...

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Jennifer said...

I caught that. It was great! Yeah, Will Ferrell is a riot. Good stuff.

One More Reason said...

Andrew, Agreed that this is a global problem. Off late it is just one party that is burying their head in the sand or rather choosing to muddy the debate and delay any constructive steps in solving the crisis.

Chris said...

I wish I had TiVO :-(
I miss all the good stuff, and only happen to turn on the tube when reruns of "That 70's Show" is on. Ugh!