Monday, August 01, 2005

Sudan, uncanny resemblance to Rwanda

Sudanese police have quelled riots and imposed a curfew in Khartoum after anger at the death of ex-rebel leader John Garang spilled on to the streets. More...

A decade ago, a similar situation in Rwanda sparked a gruesome chapter. Hope Sudan doesn't fall prey.


Anonymous said...

The uncanny resemblence flows in the way US is dealing with the crisis as well. It was the backlast of the Black Hawk Down which made clinton drag his feet while the chaos spread in Rwanda. But in Bush's case well as we all know his priorities are somewhere else. Frankly he doesnt care what happens in Sudan.

One More Reason said...

I think it is unfair to just blame the US. The entire world stood as a mute spectator in the case of Rwanda. Politicians the world over apologized and said "Never again"

History seems to be repeating "Ever again" in Sudan now. A delicate peace treaty was being negotiated between North and South Sudan, when Darfur crisis hit. The justification given by the world leaders for not holding the Sudanese regime resposible is that the peace process will be derailed. Figure !!!

Now the rebel leader of South Sudan is dead. It is a volatile situation.

I think everyone of us need to pay attention. 21 years of civil war!!! The people there have suffered enough.They deserve all the help they can get.