Monday, August 08, 2005

Peter Jennings 1938 - 2005

Peter Jennings reporting from India for Mother Teresa's 1997 funeral.

In a time, when the American media is increasingly scarred of the right wing, Peter Jennings was one of the few with a spine.

Quotes of the day
"As for his own political opinions, I could never work them out. He would not tell me what he really thought about Clinton or George W Bush, and I eventually stopped asking him"... John Simpson BBC world affairs editor

"He loathed the arrival of the Fox network, with its open, noisy adherence to a political agenda, and believed it would destroy the old-fashioned notion of honest and unbiased reporting forever" ...John Simpson

"With Peter on the story, you always knew you weren't going to sleep very much because you had to have your eye on him all the time. But you also knew how ethical he was and what a passion he had for news"... Dan Rather

"Peter did what he could to halt the downward spiral of television news in America - that terrible turning inward, which means the less you know about the world, the less you want to know about it, and therefore the less a ratings-obsessed industry decides to tell you" ...John Simpson

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