Friday, July 22, 2005

Frugal Friday, the new Casual Friday

The idea of Frugal Friday hit me yesterday while walking my usual afternoon walk. There is a stretch along the walkway that has tall trees on both sides. That is my favorite part of the walk.

It is funny how I get these ideas. It always happens when I am in the shade of a tree or when I am in the toilet! Funny isn't it. Is it just me? Or is this common ?

So, I get all excited about my idea and a few clicks of photoshop later, I create this image. I am not sure if this is an idea, wishful thinking, silliness or just plain wacko. Anyway, this is what I had in mind

I recycle everything very religiously. Recycling is great. On Fridays, go one extra step. Just resist the urge to consume in the first place. Go easy on nature

1) Car pool
2) Not produce nondegradable waste. That would mean... No packaged food, No bottled water or drinks, No TV dinners. Just cook and carry your lunch, carry water, eat in-season fresh fruits.
3) Watch less TV. Borrow and read a book or a magazine instead.
4) As Chris said, cut down on the air conditioning.

The list could go on. In short, a day of frugalism. Frugal Friday. The term Frugal Friday is not new. A google search will reveal that this term has and is being used by many. Ironically, to promote consumption !!!

Irony of the day
Food industry spends $10 billion a year advertising to children. 150,000 children will die in Niger if food aid doesn't reach in time.

Links: United Nations World Food Programme


Chris said...

Great idea!

(btw, why "watch less TV"? One could argue that watching TV in "couch potato" mode prevents the use of excess calories -- a bit of friday humor!)

I would add,
4) Don't use air conditioning (or any other high-power appliance)

One More Reason said...

That is a great suggestion. I forgot about air conditioning