Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Undo Buttons & Guilty Pleasures

The last couple of days have been very stressful. I so wish Life had an undo button. A click and you could erase an unfortunate moment. My mind keeps taking me back to one such moment. The flashbacks happen over and over again. It is an unending effort by the mind to click the so called undo button.

To keep my sanity, I go to the gym. Work hard. Try and let some steam out. I go to college, pay double the attention. Work hard. It helps. But what helps even more are some interesting things you get to see there.

Watching an aerobics class (while at the gym) is a great stress reliever. Especially, if the class has a few rhythm less ones. It is a riot watching them. They usual do everything in awkward jerks and are atleast three steps behind. When most move to the right , they move to the left. When most raise their arms, they raise their legs. When most graciously move their hips, they do violent thrusts :) You can't help but smile (laugh inwardly). I know it is cruel of me. Guilty pleasure!

Watching fellow students in a class is a great stress reliever too. Especially the really tired ones, trying hard to keep their eyes open. One such student sitting right under the nose of the professor, was a riot to watch today. His eyes would close, then his head would slowly start going back and his mouth would start opening. A few seconds later his head would come back in a hurry. Then it starts its slow journey backwards again. The process would repeat over and over again. The professor oblivious to all this head oscillations, rambles on and on. The best part is when the student suddenly wakes up, asks a question (out of the blue) and then goes back to sleep. You can't help but smile (laugh inwardly). I know it is cruel of me. Guilty pleasure!

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