Thursday, June 23, 2005


Learned something new today. Learned about a country in western Africa called Guinea-Bissau. One of the smallest countries in Africa. It is bordered by Senegal to the north and Guinea to the south.

The name was new to me, but the story behind it was a familiar sad one. One of brutal colonization (by the Portuguese), slavery, prolonged independence struggle, independence, corruption, military coup, civil war, ethnic tensions, poverty and huge international debt.

Presidential elections were held recently.

Guinea-Bissau is one of the 38 countries eligible for G8 debt relief. I sincerely hope they get a fresh start.

Some other African countries I didn't know about and need to find more about ...Lesotho, Eritrea, Comoros, São Tomé and Príncipe

Funky moment of the day (Disclaimer: don't try this at home)
On a hot day like today, ate extremely spicy food and then rinsed my mouth with Listerene. What the hell was I thinking !

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