Monday, January 17, 2005

Closer.. Or is it Farther ?

I had the misfortune of seeing the movie, Closer. I walked out of the movie theater thinking, "Farther, might have been a better title. Farther from the truth that is".

Reviews mentioned the movie to be a satire on modern London society. I have never been to London myself, but I refuse to believe relationships in London have dropped down to sheer boredom. Where couples barrage each other with long weird sentences and profanity. All in the name of solving relationship issues

Modern society puts enormous pressure on the institution of marriage. That is true every where. Our goals and aspirations are often set by images in the media. I agree, marriage is not as easy it probably was a few decades ago. Even then!

As Chandler would say ..."Could this movie BE MORE on a tangent!"

The plot held some hope. The lengthy meaningless dialogues just stifled it. Well, if you happened to catch the Golden globes last night, you would probably see why my opinions don't matter at all. Who knows, the movie might even get an Oscar!

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